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Mayver's Peanut Coconut Spread (375g)

Mayver's Peanut Coconut Spread (375g)

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Deliciously savoury with a hint of sweet, Mayver’s Pure-State Organic Peanut & Coconut Spread is like a sugar-free island holiday in your mouth!

Made from just pure organic desiccated coconut blended with organic peanuts, it’s 100% organic and contains no added oil, salt, fats, chemicals, sugars or high FODMAP sweetener ingredients like honey or agave, nor does it contain inulin; another sneaky high FODMAP ingredient found in many spreads and condiment products.

Eat straight up plain, or with a handful of low FODMAP nuts like walnuts, less than 1/4 cup almonds, or small amount of dried coconut flakes for extra yum!

Serve size: 20g (1 tbl) per serve is low FODMAP.

Ingredients: Just organic peanuts and coconut.
Availability: Australia