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Prepared Meal: Warm Autumn Salad

Prepared Meal: Warm Autumn Salad

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An earthy medley of roasted Japanese kabocha, broccoli, carrots, and seasoned lentils on a colorful bed of quinoa and kale; garnished with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries. Served with Mint Vinaigrette.


- Gluten Free

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Warm Autumn Salad: Water, Kabocha Squash, Quinoa, Canned Lentils (lentil beans, water, salt, calcium chloride added as a firming agent and disodium EDTA added to promote color retention), Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Kale, Vegenaise (expeller-pressed canola oil, filtered water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, soy protein, sea salt, mustard four, lemon juice concentrate), Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried Cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic-Infused Oil (non-GMO canola oil, natural garlic flavor), Apple Cider Vinegar (cider vinegar and sodium bisulfite as a preservative), Dijon Mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, citric acid, sodium metabisulfite (used to protect quality)), Mint, Turbinado Sugar, Salt, White Pepper.

Monash Disclosure: This dish contains 5 grams of dried cranberries, 30 grams of brussels sprouts and 30 grams of broccoli. According to Monash University, up to 15 grams of dried cranberries, 38 grams of brussels sprouts and 75 grams of broccoli are low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals with IBS.