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Prepared Meal: Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon

Prepared Meal: Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon

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Black sesame crusted wild salmon, over vanilla-marinated, mandolined watermelon radishes; accompanied by fluffy wild rice and Epicured’s velvety Carrot Purée.


- Gluten Free

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Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon: Wild salmon, black sesame seeds, garlic-infused canola oil, salt, white pepper. Wild Rice: Wild rice, salt. Goma-dare Sauce: Tamari gluten-free low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, chives, dried chili, black pepper, brownulated sugar. Marinated Watermelon Radishes: Watermelon radish, vanilla oil, apple cider vinegar, raw ginger juice, brownulated sugar. Carrot Purée: Carrots, coconut oil, salt, white pepper.