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Prepared Meal: Hawker Lettuce Wraps with Chicken

Prepared Meal: Hawker Lettuce Wraps with Chicken

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NOTE: Meal Components, Peanuts, must be crushed to be IBD Friendly.

Southeast Asian-inspired Bibb lettuce wraps featuring a savory combination of ground chicken, ginger, chilies, and tamarind with crunchy chopped peanuts and fresh lime.


- Gluten Free

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Hawker Lettuce Wraps with Chicken: Ground Chicken, Bibb Lettuce, Peanuts, Lime Wedge, Scallions (green tops only), Tamarind Paste *(8g/serving), Fish Sauce, Palm Sugar *(4g/serving), Cilantro, Ginger, Green Chili Pepper, Garlic Infused Non-GMO Canola Oil. Side: Bibb lettuce, lime wedges. Peanuts (packed separately):

*This dish contains 8g of tamarind paste and 4g of coconut palm sugar. According to Monash University, up to 11 grams of tamarind paste and 4 grams of coconut palm sugar are low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals with IBS.