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Simply Wize Basilico Pasta Sauce (500g)

Simply Wize Basilico Pasta Sauce (500g)

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We know from experience that most pasta & cooking sauces are loaded with garlic & onion.

Make the Wize choice, with this hearty, full-bodied no-garlic & no-onion Basilico Pasta Sauce, make specially for sensitive tummies that don't handle fructans (the FODMAPs) found naturally in garlic & onion. 

Simply Wize uses Australian tomatoes and traditional herbs and spices to produce FODMAP Friendly pasta sauces, that are also low in fructose, and have no compromise on the rich flavour a traditional Italian pasta sauce has.

Pair it perfectly with Simply Wize Gnocchi in 3 delicious FODMAP Friendly varieties, click here to find yours.

Serve size: 125g per serve is FODMAP friendly. Certified by FODMAP Friendly.

Ingredients: Diced tomato and tomato puree (94%), extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, fresh basil (1%), salt, spice, food acid (330).